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HPC meets the Governor – Do you have a question for him?

1 September 2020

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You will have read the excellent article in the August edition of the Village Voices by the HMP and YOI Hollesley Bay prison Governor, Mr Garry Newnes. This article was prompted by the latest meeting between Garry and representatives of both Hollesley and Boyton Parish Councils.

At the meeting Garry was asked some very direct questions, especially about the introduction of men convicted of sexual offences (MCOSO). The introduction of these men to the prison, at the end of their sentence and only if assessed suitable, was sanctioned in 2018 but Garry confirmed that they are presently not at the prison. The hold-up on their introduction is the recruiting of suitably trained additional staff and the Covid-19 pandemic has put this further back. Garry suggested the staff would probably not be in place until the spring of 2021 but he promised to keep everyone informed.

The next meeting with Garry will take place in mid-September and if you have a question you would like put to the Governor please send it to the Parish Council at hollesleyparishclerk@gmail.com We will happily ask it for you, in your name, or anonymously if you would prefer, and we will let you know the answer.