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Latest SID Readings

23 May 2019

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You will notice the SID (Speed Indicator Device) travels around the village to different locations each month. The latest data from the device shows some good and some very disappointing results.

On the positive side, the percentage of vehicles travelling at over 30 mph has gone down. This was recorded over a 2 month period in 2017 as 38% but it is now 26%. The percentage of vehicles travelling at over 40mph has also gone down from 6.4% to 2%.

However that is not the full story. We really do have a problem with vehicles travelling in from the Alderton direction and being ‘clocked’ opposite Hollesley House, just as they enter the 30 mph zone.

Over 46% of these vehicles are travelling at over 30 mph, with 1 in 10 doing over 40 mph. Not only is this breaking the law, there are considerable safety issues for other users of the road and nearby residents. This road also contains a number of blind bends.

When entering Hollesley from the Alderton direction we remind all residents and visitors to please follow the clearly stated speed limit and reduce your speed to 30 mph.