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Public Statement from Hollesley Parish Council

5 July 2021

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Hollesley Parish Council would like to correct any misunderstanding about decisions it has taken with regard to the village hall roof.

To date we have not discussed any detailed plans, costs, timescales or who would lead the project with the Village Hall Committee. We have been told that the Village Hall Committee intended to replace the roof and have received the survey which suggested that the work would need doing, but that it was not urgent. We have not had any discussions with the Village Hall Committee about plans for solar panels.

We have been asked for a £3,000 grant, which we instead transferred to our reserves as it was not clear if HPC or the Village Hall Committee would be undertaking the work and the costing and shortfall was unknown. Since then we have had a further two motions to transfer additional funds to this reserve, raising it to £10,000. Note that there will need to be a final motion at council to either spend or transfer any money.

We have discussed and rejected a motion to raise the precept (our part of the council tax) in order to raise money in advance of the roof replacement. This was considered to be too much of a sudden burden on parishioners when the project was still unclear in many aspects.

We have also discussed the possibility of HPC applying for a public works loan through the DMO (previously PWLB). While this has not been dismissed, it was thought to be too early as we do not know the total amount required or a commencement date for the work.

HPC remain in a position to lead work on the village hall, and to claim back VAT on such expenditure. At no point have we decided or stated that we would not or could not do so. However, it should be noted that there are legal restrictions on this and that any money received from the Village Hall Committee or any 3rd party would still need to have VAT charged on it.

We look forward to discussing detailed plans and arrangements with the Village Hall Committee to take this work forward and to get Parishioners the best facilities for their public money.

All of our meeting minutes are available and members of the pubic are always welcome to attend our meetings to either contribute during the public session, or to observe the council proceedings.

Hollesley Parish Council