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Hollesley Emergency Committee

31 March 2021

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Back in 2015 HPC drafted an Emergency Plan, in line with local guidelines. However, it was never completed because very few volunteers stepped forward to be ‘Wardens’ and so the plan fell apart. In 2018 the subject was re-visited but again, virtually no one stepped forward to be part of the plan.

In 2021 we would like to take a different approach. We are asking if any resident would be prepared to be part of an Emergency Committee. Your commitment would be nothing more than having your contact details held on a central list (accessible by only three people), along with the type of support you could offer in the event of an emergency (such as bad snow, high winds, etc.). You may own a tractor or 4x4 that could operate in snow, you may own a chain saw (with all the appropriate safety equipment) that could be used to break up a tree blocking a road, you may be medically qualified (a certificated doctor or nurse) who could help with a medical emergency where paramedics could not get through, you may simply be first class at organising tea, coffee and cake to manage an emergency station.

If you have any skills or equipment that you feel might be useful in an emergency situation please contact Hollesley Parish Council at hollesleyparishclerk@gmail.com to register. It goes without saying that, in any emergency situation, your personal circumstances always come first you would only ever be expected to help once all home matters were dealt with.