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Hollesley New Cemetery

3 March 2020

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During 2020, HPC are reviewing the way we manage the Cemetery and all the processes and documentation we use. There will be much more at the Annual Parish Meeting but at the February meeting some decisions were made.

It was agreed to continue the rule that no dogs are permitted in the cemetery. It was felt the cemetery is a place where people go to remember their loved ones and anyone visiting may not wish to visit whilst dogs were in the location. Of course some dogs are very well behaved and some owners are conscientious. However, that is not the case for all so a blanket ban has to be in force. The only exception to this would be service dogs; dogs who guide the blind or partially sighted and registered dogs who provide other services to their handlers.

To help dog owners with this rule we will be placing a ‘tie up’ ring outside the cemetery gates and there is a dog bin just along School Road