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Do you have a concern about residents of HMP Hollesley Bay?

8 September 2021

(This communication contains words that you may wish to protect from children or vulnerable adults)

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Highways Site Visit (August 2021)

27 August 2021

On 20th August 2021 Cllr. Andrew Reid (SCC Councillor for Wilford Ward), Cllr. Paul West (SCC Councillor and Cabinet Member for Highways) and Mr Peter Sparrow (SCC Highways Engineer) met with a resident of Hollesley to discuss a number of Highways related matters. The full report on these matters is here:

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Old Play Equipment

5 August 2021

After discussion with East Suffolk Norse, Mr David Bracey and, most importantly, users of the old play equipment, a decision has been made NOT to relocate it to next to the new equipment. It was felt the old equipment would probably not withstand being taken apart and that surfacing would need to be renewed. It was also felt that this equipment was more suitable for very young children who may enjoy a less noisy play experience. Instead, we will now look to refurbish the old equipment to ‘spruce’ it up for a few more years.

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Dogs on Hollesley Recreation Ground

22 July 2021

Hollesley Parish Council recently engaged the services of Playgrounds Inspector, Mr David Bracey, to review the Hollesley Recreation Ground and make recommendations.

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Public Statement from Hollesley Parish Council

5 July 2021

Hollesley Parish Council would like to correct any misunderstanding about decisions it has taken with regard to the village hall roof.

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Beech Tree Felled

5 May 2021

In April 2021 it was necessary to fell a very large Beech Tree in Hollesley, which was hollow inside and very dangerous. The work to fell the tree was captured by a neighbour and can be seen in these three videos:

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Understanding the hidden impact of periods

21 April 2021

Residents in East Suffolk are invited to have their say on how periods may impact those who experience them in a new survey.

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Hollesley Emergency Committee

31 March 2021

Back in 2015 HPC drafted an Emergency Plan, in line with local guidelines. However, it was never completed because very few volunteers stepped forward to be ‘Wardens’ and so the plan fell apart. In 2018 the subject was re-visited but again, virtually no one stepped forward to be part of the plan.

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Quiet Lanes - An Update

18 March 2021

Twelve Peninsula residents joined the Clerks of Hollesley and Bawdsey Parish Councils, along with Andrew Cassy from the Quiet Lane Suffolk team, at a Zoom meeting on 24th February. A presentation was offered and a number of questions were asked and answered. These, along with many comments received beforehand, will now go to Suffolk County Council for them to consider the lanes proposed. In some cases traffic surveys are required and the Covid restrictions may result in these being delayed but they will remain on the list and will be picked up in a later phase of the project. 

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Annual Parish Meeting

4 March 2021

The Annual Parish Meeting is NOT a Parish Council meeting, it is a meeting of the Parish, organised by the Parish Council. Last year the requirement for one to be held was suspended due to Covid-19. However, this year, in the absence of further guidance, the Parish Council feel it should take place.

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